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Under the same working condition of overloading Contrast test, improve work efficiency more than 11%, 7% lower fuel consumption.
A variety of models, welcomed the consultation!

Wheel loader
The weight:                         17100-200 kg
Bucket volume:                    2.7-4.5 m3
Power:                               164 kw / 2200 RPM
Maximum lifting height:         5410 + 50 mm 
Transport height:                  460 mm
Clearance from the ground:    432 + 10 mm 
Digging depth:                     30 mm
Discharge height:                  3118 + 50 mm 
Walking speed:                     7.1 km/h
Fuel tank:                            300 l 
Hydraulic tank:                     220 l
Cooling system:                    45L
Drive axle oil before/after:      26.2 L / 2

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