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Truck Crane
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Truck Crane

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Mobile crane is the combination of cars and crane, can drive can work without assembly directly.
Characteristic is Convenient and flexible, high efficiency, fast turnarounds, improve work efficiency.
Mainly used in engineering construction.Such as roads, Bridges, buildings, emergency rescue and so on.General construction team, construction, electrical installation department, need to be mobile crane.
Our company has a variety of specifications of Mobile crane,welcome to consult!

The whole machine long                           12570mm
The whole machine wide                           2500mm
The whole machine ihigh                           3390/3450mm
The wheelbase                                             5025+1350 mm
Wheel base                                                   2074/1834/1834 mm
Total Weight                                                   32400kg               
Axle weight                                                    7000/25400kg
Engine type                                                    WD615.329/SC8DK280Q3
Engine power rating                                     213/2200 206/2200  kw/(r/min)
Motor rated torque                                        1160/1100~1600 1112/1400  N.m/(r/min)
The highest speed                                        75/80(km/h)
Minimum turning diameter                          22m
Minimum turning arm head diameter        25.534m
Maximum gradability                                    35%/40%
The minimum clearance from the ground                  290mm
Close to the corner                                                         19/16 °
Angle of departure                                                          13°
Hundred kilometers fuel consumption                        40L
Maximum rated lifting weight                                        30t
The minimum nominal amplitude                                 3m
Maximum lifting moment basic arm                             1025kN·m
Turntable tail radius of gyration                                    3065mm
Maximum lifting height
The basic arm                                                                  10.7m
The longest boom                                                           40.4m
The longest main arm + arm                                         47.7m
Hoist boom Longth 
The basic arm                                                                  40.4m
The longest boom                                                           48.7m

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