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4 Tips For Safe Battery Lifter Use of lifter machine
Category:Dynamics    2017-11-20 14:39
Forklift safety is an important topic but often the information is focused on the forklift itself rather than the supporting equipment necessary to a forklift fleet. Proper battery lifter machine use is just as important which is why we suggest you follow these tips for a safe, injury free work environment.
The facility should have a lockout/tagout procedure for all equipment, not just the battery lifter. Smaller fleets sometimes skip this step with the assumption that everyone knows what everyone else is doing, but it takes only one oversight for a worker to mistakenly take out a malfunctioning piece of equipment and injure himself. Any lifter taken out of service should carry an obvious tag, ideally placed in a way that prevents workers from operating the machinery. For example wiring a tag across the starter so a driver can't even turn the equipment on would be best.
A battery lifter should be inspected regularly to look for signs of corrosion, wear, and improper function. A small structural flaw might go unnoticed in regular use only to cause catastrophic failure when the equipment finally goes. This is why it is important to look over these machines with a critical eye to spot any dangers well before they put workers at risk.
In addition a driver should inspect a lifter before use. These pre-use examinations probably won't be in as much depth as a scheduled inspection but a quick "kick the tires" walk-around can reveal obvious problems like unlocked safety stops or leaking hydraulic fluid.
Secure Batteries
Forklift batteries are heavy. Battery lifter operators may underestimate just how much momentum a sliding power cell has. It is imperative that all cells be locked down in the lifter before it moves away from the forklift. Once an unsecured cell starts sliding, it's not going to stop until it hits a safety rail, the floor or some worker's foot.
Safety is no accident. Yes that line is a little cliché but it's also true. Worker safety happens only because fleet managers take the time to implement policies and procedures that protect battery lifter operators, forklift drivers and other workers. Don't wait for an accident. Make your workplace safe today.