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How to Operating A Rented Tower Crane Safely
Category:Dynamics    2017-11-15 11:31
If business owners have the need for this type of machinery, they have the option of buying or renting one. And regardless of the fact that a tower crane will be purchased or hired, it is still important that this equipment is safely operated or handled by a trained and qualified operator.
How to Operating A Rented Tower Crane Safely:
Plan all lifting operations accordingly and properly.
All tower crane operations should be planned in advance. By doing so, all probable risks can be addressed properly and the safety of bystanders and employees can be accounted for.
Key components of lifting operations planning include conducting a risk assessment, recognizing the resources required, setting up procedures, and assigning responsibilities. A sound operational plan should have details or steps on how the lifting equipment can remain safe for the range of lifting operations it will carry out. The supervisor should also have practical and theoretical knowledge including extensive experience of all lifting operations to be undertaken.
Always inspect the crane before and after using it.
Check for any signs of wear and tear on the equipment. Before getting into the cab, walk around the crane and check for mechanical, electrical, structural, and hydraulic issues. Do this as well after your shift.
If this is not possible or the operator lacks the confidence and skill to carry out this task competently, the crane should be examined at the prescribed intervals by a trained specialist. This inspection can be done by a trained and licensed employee of the crane hire company. There should also be an inspection report after each professional inspection is done and this should be accessible to anyone who will rent or use the tower crane.
Evaluate the ground condition thoroughly before having the tower crane installed or set up.
Make sure the work site's ground is not too soft and it can support the weight of the crane and the weight of the items it will lift and move.
Tower cranes are usually seen at construction sites China tower crane placing manufacturer where tall buildings or infrastructures will be erected. They are used to lift and move heavy building supplies or materials including concrete slabs, steel structures, sand bags and various pieces of machineries such as power generators and cement mixers.