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How Tower Cranes Work
Category:Dynamics    2017-10-31 09:00
A Tower Crane Mast Section is set into a foundation with steel pedestals. The Mast Section is is plumbed to a degree of 1:500 (ie It must not deviate more than 1 inch from plumb for every 500 inches vertical) . Concrete is poured and then the crane is ready to be erected after the curing of the concrete.
The process continues as mast sections are added until the needed height is achieved. The turntable (operator cabin included) is added in the same manner and is often the heaviest piece of the crane. In some applications this section is split to reduce weight on the mobile crane. This may add two hours to the crane erection process, so it is avoided when possible.
After the Turntable is installed the Tower Top is added and four large pins are added as the connecting members.
The Working Jib of the crane is installed at the turntable and elevated with the Mobile Crane. After it is elevated the Tower Crane hoist is connected to the pendant attached to the jib and pulled up to the Tower Top and connected with a pin. Then the Jib is lowered back to horizontal. The trolley is now installed if it wasn’t on the ground.
China tower crane placing manufacturer are a common fixture at any major construction site. They're pretty hard to miss -- they often rise hundreds of feet into the air, and can reach out just as far. The construction crew uses the tower crane to lift steel, concrete, large tools like acetylene torches and generators, and a wide variety of other building materials.