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Tower Cranes - Manufactured Using the Most Recent and Modern Technology
Category:Dynamics    2017-10-23 17:57
Every construction site is surrounded by a wide array of equipments. If a tall structure is being built at the construction site then you would definitely need tower cranes. Such cranes are generally fixed to the foundation but at times they can also be attached to the side of a structure for easy maneuverability. Any sort of crane is utilized in lifting heavy weights but with tower cranes you get the extra advantage of lifting weights to or from extremely high places. For all your construction purposes you definitely need a crane, which you can either buy or hire.
The operator works in conjunction with signaler to hook and unhook the loads. The large fraction of the tower cranes in the world are in use in Dubai.
There is great demand for this equipment. Some leading manufacturers are:
1. Liebherr: It was established in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. The company flourished with the great success of its first mobile, easy to assemble and affordable tower cranes. The line up includes:
-EC-H Litronic series- It sets new standards in efficiency with innovation and top technology. It offers up to 20% higher load capacity at the touch of a button. This series include 17 models.
-HC series: this includes eight universal cranes from 800 to 5000 mt. they are designed for very high hook heights and very long jibs.
2. Manitowoc Crane Group: they are world leaders in construction crane industry. Potain is a brand that belongs to /Manitowoc, providing tower cranes for the building construction industry. Today Company produces 60 models from manufacturing plants in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and China. Potain produces three families of tower cranes, the smallest cranes of Potain range are the self- erecting cranes, running from 1,0t to 7, 98 t capacity. Higher and bigger are the top slewing cranes varying from 7,98t to 64t capacity; these are also the largest custom designed special application cranes which reach capacities of 160t.
China tower crane placing manufacturer are made with precision and care for a finished product that stands up to years of use making loading and unloading.

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