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Ready for the boom
Category:Dynamics    2017-08-25 10:55
For decades boom trucks have been an important segment of the US crane industry, having gained popularity through their robustness and reliability. China tower crane placing manufacturer Owners appreciate that these cranes, being on a commercial truck chassis, can go up and down the highway, completing numerous jobs in a day. “For Terex, the result was the Crossover series X-pattern outrigger design which provides stability across the complete slewing range and performance by eliminating the need for a front bumper outrigger, lowering the overall center of gravity, reducing chassis torsion and extending its lifetime. “However, manufacturers have not taken this market acceptance for granted. Over the years, they continued to innovate, enhancing the capabilities of these machines. David Kuhlman, senior sales manager, major accounts team at Terex, says that customer demand has driven the evolution of higher capacities and longer booms, with ease of operation and productivity as key requirements.

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