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Crane rail and crane rails
Category:Dynamics    2017-08-11 15:36
Not included in the block beam rails mounted crane, after each girder crane to be verified and fixed on the project. In order to raise the rails, using special mobile machinery or blocks and electric winch, which hang from the previously mounted constructions. Rails suggest the projected mark by proveshivaniya metal thin wire axis rail. With slats fixed rail project location.
The growth of construction in our country increases the number of operations on buying, selling and leasing of tower cranes of new and used. When the installation and operation of tower cranes to verify the components of the tower crane. China tower crane placing manufacturer Crane beams, rails, cranes, prigruza tower crane, balances, beam cranes, crane rails - these components are tested with special attention. Crane beams used for bridge cranes. Under the bridge electric cranes used crane rail assembly of reinforced concrete crane girders length of 6m and 12m. Counterweight tower cranes with nonslewing tower, placed at the end of the console, which is fixed on the rotary headroom. And in the case of cranes, having a turning tower, they are being placed at the end of the turntable.Crane beams of steel laid on concrete or steel columns. In the first case the installation begin only after the combined columns and foundation concrete pick up at least 70 percent of design strength. The beams, which weigh less than 20 tons, the whole set as one tap. Setup and installation of beams weighing from 20 to 100 tons is that they establish or coupled mechanisms, or a crane. Crane beams, depending on the load capacity of cranes and the mass of beams, mounted on the support in several ways: the temporary support of individual elements or the constant support in every step of the columns in the whole form. Legs that are in places where the elements are joined, when you build a connection to the junction and the installation of elements also serve as working space for the installers. 

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