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The History of Hydraulic Excavator
Category:Dynamics    2017-08-03 11:59
  The original excavator is manual. The history has been more than 130 years from the initial invention. The first excavator was invented by French Poclain plant. For the application of hydraulics, a kind of hydraulic backhoe hanging excavator equipped on the tractor was born in 1940s. The first full hydraulic backhoe excavator was produced by Poclain plant in France, witch opens up the fresh-new space in the field of technological development of the excavator. In the early and middle 1950s, towed full slewing hydraulic excavator and hydraulic crawler excavator were developed in succession. At the early stage, the trial-manufactured hydraulic excavator adopted aero-hydraulics and tool machine hydraulics, lacked of suitable hydraulic components that are functioned in various working conditions, with unstable workmanship and incomplete component and part. From 1960s on, hydraulic excavator stepped into generalized and booming stage. During 1968 to 1970, the yield of hydraulic excavator has occupied 83%, nearly 100% of the full production capacity of the excavator.