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Safety issue for tower crane
Category:Industry news    2017-07-26 09:56
In my childhood when I walk through the construction site ,I always afraid of the big tower crane,as I would think it maybe drop town which is a terrific thing for people. How could we avoid damage like this when we use tower crane buying from China tower crane placing manufacturer?
Parents would say it would be disaster if everyone thinks like you. We have to guarantee the 100% safety factors when we use it under the highly development technology. My father is an engineer and he tells me some basic knowledge about this big guy. Even for lifter machine free shipping, we need to think about the safety factors before we use it widely. Talking about safety, how could we forget the weight of the tower crane should be replaced? Like human beings, we know what we can lift or not in our mind. So does for the lifter machine or tower crane. If the weight is overweight for the designed crane, we should take other measures, because in the construction process, it is the most important security in recent years. There have been construction collapse of the tower crane which has caused casualties. Under this situation, we should take warning and always put the construction safety in the first place.
In the real operation, only in strict accordance with the standards, in order to minimize the probability of accidents when we get various engineering machineries from China hydraulic excavator supplier and other suppliers.